About Us

Trust us - we know how dedicated Badger fans are to Wisconsin and everything the school has to offer – we’re from Wisconsin, too! You’ll stand in the blazing heat, pouring rain, and below freezing temperatures to support your team. BuckyStyle.com was created by Ontal to bring Badger fans unique and custom apparel and accessories that are perfect for any type of Wisconsin Game Day. Here at BuckyStyle.com, we create custom apparel and accessories made for each individual fan! After you select your pattern, style, graphic designs, and colors, we print the fabric, computer cut it, and sew it all with the highest quality assurance. Based out of Milwaukee, WI, we have been creating all different sorts of custom apparel for over 15 years. We have scoured every mill, domestic and international, for the most innovative, most resilient, and overall best quality fabrics to offer you the top of the line in athletic apparel. Now with BuckyStyle.com, we can share our inventive way of providing custom clothing and more with Badger fans so you can wear that “W” in style! On Wisconsin!